St John’s Mother and Baby Programme works to increase:

  • access to healthcare for pregnant women and new mothers with infants;
  • patient demand for critical health services;
  • healthy practices in households.

What we have achieved in the first three years

22,500 pregnant women, new mothers and their partners learnt how to minimise health risks for themselves and their babies.

7,800 men now know how crucial their support is for safe pregnancy & motherhood.

64,700 community members are aware of how they can better support pregnant women and new mothers in their neighbourhood.

90% of women in our project in Zambia gave birth in a health facility.

92% of new mothers sought postnatal care in the first week after giving birth.

56% of mothers exclusively breastfed their child for more than 6 months.

Download here our evaluation reports

Our Plans

To meet the challenge, we need to expand our activities to reach more families in Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Learning from our current programme, we want to expand the programme with new activities, such as HIV testing and counselling, working more with expectant and new fathers, and targeting adolescents before their first pregnancy.

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