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St John Ambulance India has its national headquarters in Delhi and operates as a federation. The St John Ambulance Association of India was started in 1912 Since Independence the India Chapter has its headquarters in New Delhi and is chaired by The Hon. President of India. There are two operational wings often called the Association Wing (which delivers first aid training) and the Brigade Wing (which operates the Ambulance service and delivers First Aid at public events).

Surgeon-Major William George Nicholas Manley of the Royal Regiment of Artillery established St John Ambulance in 1877. In 1912, the St John Ambulance Association was granted autonomy and the Council was created. The first Nursing division was established in 1913 and the first Cadet division in 1925. At independence, the Indian St John Council was granted entire control over the work that was being carried out in its 526 divisions.



St John Ambulance Association Maharashtra State Centre

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Inside Town Hall (Asiatic Library)

Compound Fort,

Mumbai 400001


Phone: +91-22-22662059/ +91-22-65728043

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