15 November 2016


On Thursday 10 November, Sir Malcolm Ross GCVO OBE was installed as the 18th Lord Prior along with The Right Reverend Timothy John Stevens CBE enthroned as the 8th Prelate, and Mr John Mah CD QC installed as the 4th Sub-Prior by the Grand Prior His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester.


The Lord Prior is the third most senior individual within the Order, under the Sovereign Head the Queen, and His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester.


As Lord Prior Sir Malcolm Ross will undertake six primary roles:

  • To be the principal adviser to the Grand Prior, with whom he collaborates closely, and act on behalf of the Grand Prior in all aspects of the Order’s affairs when the Grand Prior is not available;
  • To be the representative head of the order on any occasion on which neither the Sovereign Head nor the Grand Prior are present;
  • Subject to the Sovereign Head and the Grand Prior, he is the Head of the Order in its aspect as an Order of Chivalry;
  • To provide leadership of the Order in its charitable activities by promoting policy and presiding at meetings of the Order’s worldwide governing bodies;
  • To be the focus of unity for the members of the Order, its volunteers, staff and supporters;
  • To maintain the ethos and traditions of the Order.


Sir Malcolm Ross GCVO OBE


The role of the Prelate is to advise the Grand Prior in all ecclesiastical matters concerning the Order; while the role of the Sub-Prior is to ensure all circumstances and concerns of Independent Commanderies and St John Associations around the world are brough to the attention of the Grand Council.



(from r-l): The Right Reverend Timothy John Stevens CBE addressing The Duke of Gloucester


(from l-r): Mr John Mah CD QC followed by his banner carried by Mr John Bender


The Installation of Great Officers took place in the Priory Church of the Order of St John in London in the presence of representatives from the 11 Priories, England and the Islands, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, United States of America, Kenya, Singapore and Hong Kong; 4 Commanderies, of Ards in Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man; St John Associations from around the world.


In his address to the congregation, Sir Malcolm Ross spoke of the notion of St John moving forward and broadening the membership. He also pledged within his address to lead St John in the coming years, in order for our organisation to reach and help more people.


On behalf of all of those who work and volunteers within the St John family, we would like to wish Sir Malcolm Ross, The Right Reverend Timothy John Stevens and Mr John Mah many congratulations and all the very best.