The Life Saving Medal was instituted in 1874 to enable the Order to honour those who saved, or attempted to save the life of another and who placed themselves at imminent personal risk in doing so. It is not necessary to have performed first aid.

There are three conditions for the award of the Life Saving Medal, namely:

  • the nominee must have performed ‘a conspicuous act of bravery’;
  • in performing that act, the nominee must have endangered his or her own life;
  • and the nominee must have performed the act in saving, or attempting to save, the life of another or others. 

The Life Saving Medal is awarded in either Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on the degree of risk.

For further information on The Life Saving Medal please visit Priory of England website.

Photo: (Courtesy of Priory of Scotland. Credit: Mark Owens) Prior Major General Mark Strudwick awards Jessica Bradley with the Order of St John Gold Life Saving Medal.