St John’s Day Appeal: Supporting the global vaccination efforts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, St John volunteers and staff in many countries have been at the frontline of the Covid response. Our crucial activities continue with the beginning of the roll-out of national vaccination programmes.

St John is supporting people through the vaccination process, and cares for them before and after they receive their jabs. At the most basic level, we help people to attend their vaccinations and talk to them about prejudices and fears. We also provide transport for people who otherwise would not be able to visit a vaccination center, or even turn our facilities into vaccination hubs where necessary.

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St John England

St John Ambulance England is helping deliver the NHS vaccination programme, aimed at getting the nation through the coronavirus pandemic. St John is working with NHS partners across England to deliver a local response to this national programme. We have trained over 30,000 vaccination volunteers, using our longstanding expertise in empowering people with lifesaving clinical skills and the confidence to use them, every day.

St John is recruiting and training vaccinators (who administer injections, working within the revised Human Medicines Regulations set out by Government) along with other roles to support people through the vaccination process, and care for them before and after they receive their jabs. Recruitment from St John’s existing volunteers and employees has been boosted by thousands of people trained in first aid by the St John, with additional capacity coming from partner organisations.

St John Zambia

While the developed world made a big leap towards its vaccination goals in the past few weeks, the developing world is lagging behind. In Zambia for example, the available vaccine lasted for only a month, and the country is desperately waiting for a new consignment, which will hopefully be delivered by late June.

St John Zambia’s Mother and Baby Programme volunteers incorporated Covid vaccination messages in all their health talks in clinics. Before the vaccines ran out, some selected volunteers accompanyeded the vaccination teams during outreach posts to assist the government health teams in sensitization and demand creation, breaking the myths on vaccines as well as maintaining order at the vaccination sites. Our volunteers also composed a sensitization song on Covid 19 including vaccination.

The G7 pledged to deliver vaccines to the poorest countries. Our St John organisations in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific are ready to step up to support their national health systems when the supply of vaccines arrives.

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The supply of vaccines in poorer countries will rely upon a state’s ability to deliver it in a timely fashion. The cost of refrigeration, along with the pressures of sharing limited resources around the world will mean that supply will favour efficient delivery mechanisms. Given increased funding, our hope is to turn facilities around the globe into vaccination hubs and engage our worldwide cadre of volunteers as a vaccination workforce.

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Please donate today towards our St John’s Day Appeal. Your contribution will enable us to train our volunteers and staff in Zambia and many other countries, so they can provide their vaccination support services to the local communities and make sure, nobody is left behind.

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