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First Aid Services and DeliveryAmbulance ServicesEye CareEmergency ResponseCommunity Healthcare

A message from our Secretary General

2022 was a year of change. The death of our Sovereign Head Queen Elizabeth II signalled the end of an era. Few of us knew anyone else as Monarch, and her funeral in Westminster Abbey was an incredible occasion to reflect and give thanks for her life of service. The Order was honoured to be part of the ceremonial procession, and our three participants – the Lord Prior, Dr Ahmad Ma’ali and Nikkita Charag – brilliantly represented the Order and the medical and volunteer aspects of St John today. With King Charles III as our new Sovereign Head we look forward to continuing to honour our past while building a bright new future wherever we are present.

For me, the year marked the start of a new career. It has been an incredible introduction to an organisation made up of truly inspirational staff and volunteers.

As well as change, 2022 brought continuity as the St John family delivered world class first aid, training and community healthcare to literally millions of people in 44 countries around the globe. This newsletter highlights just a few of the stories of service and dedication, which characterise our activities. The breadth and depth of our work is amazing, and I am proud to be part of the Order’s global leadership at such an exciting time.

The International Office has helped St John organisations to deliver, providing practical and financial support, guidance and strategic direction to keep us all focussed on our shared goal of being leaders in first aid and community healthcare. Co-operation and collaboration, learning from each other and sharing best practice to build a supportive, dynamic global St John are at the heart of our approach.

None of this would be possible without your support. Thank you for your commitment to St John, and for your belief that together we can save lives and help those most in need. I hope that having seen what we have achieved together, we can continue to count on your support.

With very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from the whole International Office team,

Susan le Jeune d’Allegeershecque

Secretary General

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First Aid Services and Delivery

This year, St John trained more than 1 million people in first aid; and training the future generation of health care professionals, of first aiders, paramedics or nurses, remains an uttermost priority.

In 2022, England’s Cadets celebrated their centenary, and many of our St John Establishments will follow track with their youth programme celebrations in the next few years.

St John Zambia taught first aid to more than 3,500 police service recruits in all national training colleges, and St John Zimbabwe provided training to much-needed Nurse Aides in hospitals in Zimbabwe and other countries. St John Kenya started the training of 200,000 “boda-boda” motorcycle transporters to enable them to attend to road crashes, which will reduce the high number of fatal accidents on Kenyan roads. During the Pope’s visit in Canada, St John volunteers contributed more than 600 hours of first aid and related services in a single day.

Ambulance Services

St John Fiji established the first ever National Ambulance Communications Centre. This allows St John to track and trace ambulance calls, effectively dispatch and manage resources as well as monitoring of fleet and gathering of statistics. St John Papua New Guinea opened ambulance stations in Morobe and Simbu Provinces, and a new National Ambulance Operations Centre at its headquarters in Port Moresby.

St John England’s Ambulance Operations teams delivered 1.2 million hours of support to the National Health service, treating over 150,000 patients. In August, St John Ambulance has been formally commissioned to provide England’s ambulance auxiliary, following a competitive tendering process.

In New Zealand, St John provided emergency ambulance services to nearly 90% of Kiwis with more than 1,000 operational vehicles and 206 ambulance stations. Globally, St John assisted more than 1 million people with ambulance services.

Eye Care

Our St John Eye Hospital Group registered a record in service delivery, as they performed 6,500 major eye surgeries. At the same time, the US Priory was able to donate more than USD 4 million to the Eye Hospital Group – the largest amount in the Priory’s history. 

In South Africa, St John provided eye testing to more than 450 people, distributed glasses to senior citizens and to people with disabilities without access to eye care.

Emergency Response

In Australia,  St John provided urgent emergency support and relief during March/April flooding. 

St John Canada volunteers supported local communities, who struggled through intense heat, wildfires and flooding by providing emergency first aid services, assisting at Evacuation Centres. 

In Malaysia, St John mobilised relief activities during the floods in the Klang Valley, and St John Sri Lanka provided crucial first aid services during the demonstrations in July.

Community Healthcare

More than 700,000 people received care in the community with one of our many services. In 2022, our Mother & Baby Programme continued in Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe with the introduction of a new monitoring tool, which allows quick adaption of programme activities, following beneficiary and community feedback.

Successful blood donation campaigns ran in Cyprus and Malaysia, while 28 people received end of life care through the St John Hospice in Antigua.

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