Please click the links below to obtain resources for associations.

Association Circulars
Circular 1 service medals and service medal bars.pdf
Circular 2 senior appointments in national councils.pdf
Circular 3 maintaining the order role.pdf
Circular 4 insignia.pdf
Circular 5 admissions and promotions.pdf
Circular 6 unrecognised orders.pdf
Circular 7 admissions revised.pdf
Circular 8 service medal revised.pdf
Circular 9 matching funds for small projects.pdf
Circular 10 senior appointments in national councils revised.pdf
Circular 11 heads of state, heads of government and associations.pdf
Circular 12 life saving awards outstanding skill in rendering first aid.pdf
Circular 13 OHAC model terms of reference.pdf
Circular 14 disaster response mou with the johanniter.pdf
Circular 15 importance of financial stewardship.pdf
Circular 16 Service Medals and Service Medal Emblems REVISED.pdf

Strategic Plans and Planning
Characteristics of Strategic Planning.pdf
Planning Part One.pdf
Planning Part Two.pdf
Planning Part Three.pdf
Planning Part Four.pdf
9 Steps to Strategic Planning.pdf

Capacity Building
How to recruit and select new staff.pdf
What is capacity?.pdf
A successful St John organisation.pdf
Capacity assessment grid.pdf