Where 11 beds can make a huge difference: Please support our hospice in Antigua and help St John care for the elderly and terminally ill.

Wouldn’t it put your mind at rest if you knew you will be cared for when your life comes to an end?

Human, professionally, and with warmheartedness: This is how our St John people in Antigua run the only hospice in the Eastern Caribbean. Their ultimate goal is to make the final days of a terminally ill patient as comfortable as possible, while helping their family members cope with the stress of caring and the inevitable loss.

Covid has put this unique care home at risk. The minimal charge from the patient’s families does not even cover the most urgent cost, and with the main income source, two charity shops, closed for several months because of the pandemic, the hospice and all its staff members are now running at their limit, while still offering the services to the usual high-quality standard.

To be able to recover from the effects of Covid, and to continue long-term, our hospice needs your help: Please donate towards our St John’s Day Appeal and help us giving terminally-ill people a dignified end-of-life-care.

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About the hospice

Our hospice in Antigua opened its doors in January 2011. Being the only such care facility in the Eastern Caribbean, and run by 16 staff and volunteers from St John Antigua, the hospice offers palliative care to those who are terminally ill and require 24 hour round the clock care. St John Antigua also offers quality care for the elderly in the hospice. Nine beds are reserved for the terminally ill, while St John also offers 2 respite-bed care rooms for families in need of short-term assistance. St John offers medication, dressings and other consumable items together with around the clock nursing care and helps with the rental of hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, commodes etc. for home care.

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